Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Photoshoot Wedding Photographer

Creativity and inspiration are the most important elements when creating Photoshop brushes. If done well, they can easily be used in unlimited number of times and in unlimited ways.
A highly successful photographer and a graphic designer who worked for years as a professional web and graphic designer and won a great deal of graphic design competitions, has created her own brushes because the ones that were available on the market has several weakness in terms of size, appeal and usability, and commercial use.

Size: Big brushes to pertain quality.
Appeal and Usability: Perfect looking brushes which can be used in different projects.
Commercial Use: Commercial license is needed to sell brushes. It is vital for projects which are done for clients.
In the beginning she was creating only for her own designs and photo decorations. But after the huge demand from the designers for the quality of her designs, she has started to create commercial designs for the market of professionals. At the end her designs were widely accepted among photographers and scrapbookers and even her cool Photoshop brushes were features in Advanced Photoshop Magazine and Digital Arts Magazine.
During her career full of years of dedicated work in the industry, she has prepared a tutorial product which will help people to finish their wedding related projects around 30% faster than before with great outcome and satisfaction. Her method can be applied to the preparations of:

  • wedding photo album
  • wedding invitation
  • wedding thank you card
  • wedding photo decoration
  • any other wedding art projects
The name of product is 167 Photoshop Brushes: Wedding Set which includes more than 150 high quality Photoshop brushes plus tutorial. This tutorial resource will help you speed up your work, especially when you are in doubt, or simply lack the inspiration to go on. With only a click of a button, the shapes will put you back on the road of creativity again in no time. With the step by step instructions given in tutorial, these shapes will make what you create look brilliant with little effort from your side.
The downloadable sets are compatible with Photoshop 7.0, CS, CS2, CS3, CS4 and newer versions and PC/MAC compatible. And comes together with commercial licence so that you can use them in your own commercial projects and contains:
  • Swirls (Floral) Set: 42 Swirl and Floral Photoshop brushes
  • Hearts (Grungy) Set: 32 Heart Photoshop brushes
  • Swirled Corners Set: 20 Photoshop brushes Swirls Corners
  • Swirled Frames Set: 18 swirled frames brushes
  • Tattoo Designs Set: 30 tattoo brushes
  • Wedding Swirls Set: 16 wedding Photoshop brushes.
Moreover you will get a series of video tutorials on how to do the following with step by step instructions:
  • design a unique wedding invitation
  • create a nice looking background
  • create a wedding invitation
  • design a wedding photo album cover
  • create a invitation for wedding
  • design a wedding Thank you card
  • design a unique wedding invitation

This downloadable tutorial comes together with two important free gifts and bonuses.

  • Photo Frames set
  • For beginner Photoshop users, you will receive tutorial guides such as: How to install and use brushes in Photoshop, how to color a brush fast, Keyboard shortcuts.
This tutorial product is delivered in the form of zipped file which are delivered to your email address within the first 24 hours of the purchase.
For more information on the downloadable wedding Photoshop brushes eBook, visit my site to download the best Photoshop brushes tutorial instantly
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